kitchensink 3

by sceipteach
originally published at 09:19PM on Thursday, August 23, 2007

The still waters of the lake reflected perfectly the tall conifers of the surrounding forest. The mountain air felt cool and clear – the cold breath of winter had stolen in unheralded here, where the evergreens reflected no season in their colours.

The rustlings and whisperings of the forest’s secret life had faded into the background as he tried to think, tried to formulate a plan.

Things weren’t proceeding as he’d predicted, not at all. Jay had messed up, got someone else involved. Details were difficult to come by yet but it was clear further action was required. How to carry it out without anyone getting hurt, though…

He absently skimmed a stone – three hops and a watery grave. If he could contact Jay…but that was impossible now. Perhaps they could find Jay’s friend…

He froze, as behind him he heard twigs cracking, rustling, shuffling, something moving, something large. Slowly he exhaled and slowly he turned.




  • from blueyedwonder:

    suspense…sigh…i like the watery grave part. i hope that isnt foreshadowing…