To The Bank

by Six Feet Under The Stars
originally published at 01:22PM on Saturday, August 25, 2007

Oh my God, thought Ella. “Dad!” she screamed, though she knew the line was dead.
Ok, ok, she thought, trying to calm herself down. Dad must be ok…I’m sure he is. I just have to do what he said…
But what if…what if he was dead, and she was wasting time at the bank when she could be saving him? I could call 911, she thought, already picking up her phone and dialing 9. But no, they were no help, they’d just say she must be imagining things, and ever since her mother-well, lets just say the police no longer seemed helpful. And anyway her father sounded as though this must be some sort of secret. And what if the thing in the safe was important…the police might take it…the only option was to do what he said and to do it quickly…maybe this Ted guy would know where her father was. Maybe he could help her…and maybe he understood why her father was in trouble.
She squared her shoulders, and strode to the door, vowing to be strong. The bank was her only option.




  • from Stovohobo:

    Ooh, the mystery deepens…more!

  • from Sailor Emo:

    Her name changed… I thot it was Eva…

  • from Sailor Emo:

    I want more of these!