In-Character Survey: Zooey from the Fritz and Zooey series

by Nouvelle Bardot
originally published at 06:03PM on Saturday, August 25, 2007

What’s your favorite breakfast food?
I’m fatally attracted to French toast, although anything will suffice for breakfast. I seem to crave breakfast at the strangest times that never involve morning…

Last movie you watched?
I had my own personal little Jean Luc Godard festival last night. I believe I saved the best for last, Band of Outsiders. Although, I prefer to use the French name, Band a Parte. It sounds more sophisticated.

What was the last museum you went to?
Last week I visited the Museum of Natural History. I smuggled Mr. Williamson in so he could look at the taxidermied tigers. He’s been a little more aggressive since that visit.

What is your favorite smell?
The market in the old ferry building. The mingling smells of imported cheese and street fair food is enchanting.

What are you listening to?
Surgery by Scott Matthews from the Shortbus soundtrack

What is your biggest inspiration?
Everyday moments that people never notice.