The Pipe

by Officially
originally published at 04:46PM on Monday, August 27, 2007

There was a pipe that traveled down the wall of the apartment building.

He had discovered it when he was very little. The bend in it came just to the right of his window, where it would curve and head on down.

Late at night he would crawl out of his window and place his ear againt the pipe.

Sometimes he would only hear the rush rush rush of water blasting through, and he would imagine that he were at the ocean.

Other times a funny trick happened- he could hear the conversations in other’s apartments.

I’m leaving, you Steve! I’m sick of this! I’m taking the girls and leaving, you understand me? We’re leaving right now!

Oh, yes, baby, do that again!

So do you want to go to the Italian place or just stay at home for dinner tonight?

I’m not lending you anymore money!

Sometimes it was just sounds.




Intimate sounds.

When people did not know that someone was listening in, they always had the darkest and most private conversations.




  • from Fyora Cartagan:

    lol, awesome!! I think this needs more…Like a sequel? Like a conversation he hears?

  • from Officially:

    Please, someone, feel free to take any of my ficlets somewhere. A sequel for this might be nice.

  • from User 4406:

    wow very very kool! :) im lookin for more of this stuff!

  • from artistgirlk:

    this needs to be extended-—-into like a haunted house or creepy massive serial killer stuff—that wud be kool.

  • from artistgirlk:

    this NEEDS to be extended into like a haunted house (or apartment) story or into a creepy mass serial killer story. then it would be more suspensfull.

  • from User 4413:

    this is a gr8 story.

  • from User 4422:

    First i was wondering… did this guy get in any trouble for doin this??? haha god i wish i could do that. considering how creepy our apartment neighbors are, they would prolly have some very interesting conversatins. yea i deffinately say it should have a sequel.

  • from User 4486:

    god this is sooo cool i would be soo happy if i could do that

  • from User 4599:

    I agree with the person who mentioned the haunted house or serial killer stuff. I’m reading Stephen King’s It right now. The girl in the book hears dead kids who have been murdered in the area.

  • from THX 0477:

    Very nice little piece, self contained and interesting in itself, but still suggestive of lots of possibilities, as evidenced by three sequels and a prequel!

  • from KittyKatLover:

    This deffinently needs to have a sequal i loved it