Molly, Robin Hood of Mars Episode III: On The Verge

by Crown Me Tarzan, King of Mars
originally published at 09:08PM on Thursday, August 30, 2007

“I told you to walk this way!” said the joker to the thief, giggling as he dragged Molly before the golden throne of the self-styled “Space Lord”, Usurper of Mars.

Molly met the Space Lord’s pitiless gaze. “You’re the king of this rock?”

The Space Lord smirked. “There is none higher.”

“And these sycophants here,” Molly said, gesturing at the assembled courtiers, “they call you sire? Where’s your crown, King Nothing?”

The Space Lord stood. “My dear, you have two doors to choose from, but only one bears your name. You could stand on the edge of a silver future, or falter at the verge of all out hell. Choose carefully.”

Molly considered. “On the verge? Well… I might as well jump!” She snarled, going for the his throat, only to be blasted to the floor by a bolt of lightning from the Space Lord’s hand.

The Space Lord took hold of Molly’s hair. “I tire of this,” he growled. “The time has come for me to kill this game!”

“You’re stone cold crazy, you know?” Molly said weakly as she blacked out from the pain.




  • from Crown Me Tarzan, King of Mars:

    The rundown (in order):

    Aerosmith/Run DMC – Walk this Way
    All Along the Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix
    Run DMC – King of Rock
    Metallica – King Nothing
    Monster Magnet – Space Lord
    Monster Magnet – Silver Future
    Monster Magnet – On the Verge
    Van Halen – Jump
    More Monster Magnet – Space Lord
    Queen – Stone Cold Crazy

  • from Crown Me Tarzan, King of Mars:

    Honorable mention:
    Molly’s name comes from Whisky in the Jar by Thin Lizzy.
    And before anyone asks: yes, I know Aerosmith recorded a solo version of Walk this Way before they collaborated with Run DMC . Yes, I know that Bob Dylan wrote Watchtower; and yes, I realize that Whisky in the Jar is an old Irish folk song and wasn’t originated by Thin Lizzy. These are just the versions I was thinking of when I wrote this ficlet.

  • from Stovohobo:

    Nice story, nice integration of those songs, I like it. Not to sound boring or anything, but I just got back from school. =/

  • from FlirtingWithaBrickWall:

    this is really cool (sorry, im tired) but are guys allowed to giggle? im just saying

  • from Fyora Cartagan:

    From the first line, I knew this had to be part of the lyric-inspired contest.
    [I thought you’d talk about… Wolfmother?’s “Joker and the Theif”]
    Anyway, still great, and it does fit in with the rest of it [and it should, since you wrote those after.]
    I’m not a big fan of lyric inspired things, because then songs come to me, and I don’t concentrate on the story. But, that was the challenge, and it fit it well.

  • from Alexa ♥:

    I thought it worked well as both part of the challenge and as a part of this story.