"Lord Kesslar sent us"

by BetwINeen
originally published at 08:46PM on Friday, August 31, 2007

Lyra stared in shock at the arrow stuck in Mr. wiggles. Tanner looked quickly around and then ducked as a tiny arrow flew at his head.
“Lyra get behind this tree!” Tanner cried. Lyra ran, ducking the minature arrows that kept flying out of nowhere.
She watched as Bartemus and Tanner ducked and looked up for the person who was shooting the arrows.
“Please whoever is doing this stop, we mean no harm”, Tanner said and Bartemus joined in with a weak “yeah”.
Suddenly the air was clear of arrows. Lyra looked around slowly and then out of the corner of her eye saw a small mouse with a bow and arrow strapped to his back scurry out of the grass.
She quickly ran and snatched the mouse up.
“Why were you shooting at us?” she said angerly to the mouse.
The little mouse trembled in her hand, then squeaked. Tanner and Bartemus slowly came closer, peering at the little mouse with fascination.
“Why are you here?!” Lyra said with increasing frustration.
Slowly the trembling little mouse squeaked out “Lord Kesslar sent us”.




  • from BetwINeen:

    sorry i had to change the title becasue i screwed up the names…but its still the same story just with less typos