Tear Drops

by Mr Reeses
originally published at 11:09PM on Friday, August 31, 2007

I never liked to cry or show that type of emotion to anyone. I never cry because thats not in my nature but one day last week when something happen to make this wet substance to leave my eye socket.

I cried my first cry in two years. I cried over my first love, whom I thought was there for me like he said he was. He was just an imaged, thats all he was. He didnt care about me as a person but me as a female and a sex tool. But I’m smarter than that. But I thought he wanted more than just my sex, a woman’s touch to his wanting body. I just sat in my room and thought about this all day after it all went down. I did everything else to get my frustrations out but it was too painful. I had to cry… I had to cry.

There was a knock at my door. I was afraid to open it with my bloodshot eyes but I had a good feeling. So I opened it to see my bestfriend standing there with open arms. He knew I didnt like to cry but something about that hug that made it all come out.




  • from RunningWithScissors:

    goooood. seems kinda like the beginning to one of those where the chick doesnt realize what a good guy her best friend is and how badly he’s fallen for her, till it’s too late. well, almost too late. anyways, good job. some little grammaaaaaaaar mistake tho. :]

  • from Kiarra:

    love reading ur work