The Lock Gurls

by Mr Reeses
originally published at 12:46AM on Saturday, September 01, 2007

5 beautiful women walked into the Diamond Club rocking sexy outfits, all having different agendas at hand. One of the women named Trish was just looking for a good time, Wendy was looking for a boyfriend, Denise just wanted to dance, Toya just wanted to flirt and Lyn was the mother of the group. So the five beautiful girls whom went by the Lock Gurls hit the club by force.

“You hear that! Lets dutty wine!” said Denise as she runs out to the dance floor with Toya and Trish leaving Lyn and Wendy to talk about a problem that they shared.

“Listen chick, you my girl but me and Peter were bffs before ya hook up, so step down.” Wendy said.
“Ok Wendy, calm down, I didnt know that titles mean so much to you. U can have him as your bestfriend but you cant stop my top friendship I have with him.
“Your basically calling him your bff!”
“Whatever!” said Lyn as she walked away.

“Yo Trish get Rob,Toya get Dwight, and Denise got Dewayne. Yo Lyn get Tony and Wendy got Lawerence. Lets take the dogs by storm!”




  • from THX 0477:

    Interesting, a very different voice than the one other of your ficlets I read. Impressive range. I couldn’t pull off this vernacular if I spent a year researching.

  • from Kiarra:

    hmm, I wonder whats about to go down

  • from Kermitgorf:

    loved the dialouge.