Come What May, Pt. 89

by Fuchsia Deviant
originally published at 12:05AM on Wednesday, September 05, 2007

We leave Copenhagen, Denmark early October 17th, and we are in Berlin, Germany a few hours later. One of the first things that I do when we get there is to call my mother. “Dream! How nice to hear your voice!? she exclaims when I call. “Mother, I’m having a ball. We went to an award show the other night.?

“Oh Dream, I already know. It’s been all over the news here. I saw a picture of you and your boyfriend. You two looked great together. That dress, Dream… that dress was gorgeous on you. I almost cried when I saw how you looked. You two looked so nice together.? “Thank you mother?, I reply. “By any chance, have you seen the video yet?”

“The one with you in it?? she says excitedly, barely letting me finish my question. “Yes!! What a wonderful video, and that song is wonderful. Dream, your boyfriend is beautiful. He’s perfect.? “Thanks mom?, I reply. “He looks like an angel himself?, she adds. I pause. “Peter? Like an angel?? I ask.