Come What May, Pt. 97

by Fuchsia Deviant
originally published at 11:55PM on Thursday, September 06, 2007

I run into a shirtless Will in the hall. “Leaving the wrong room, are we?? he asks jokingly. I pull off my t-shirt and toss it at him. I’m still wearing a tank top and a pair of Oliver’s shorts. “Cover your bones, Will.? Will actually has a great build. He knows, and he laughs. “Please, I’ve got a better body than Peter.? I roll my eyes at him, and walk into my room.

Peter is sitting on our bed. “Good morning, darling. I missed you?, he says as I crawl onto the bed beside him. “I fell asleep in Ollie’s room last night baby,? I reply. “That’s okay sweetie. Are you all packed? We’re leaving in an hour.? I yawn. I haven’t gotten much sleep. “Yes, I packed last night.”

“We could return here for a visit after the tour is over. I feel like I should make it up to you, since I won’t be going to America with you.?

“Baby, don’t worry about it. At least I won’t be alone. Ollie’s going with me.? He smiles. “You’re right. God, you two are close.”

I smile. If only he knew just how close we really were.