Half a world away

by fistmonger
originally published at 06:06AM on Friday, September 07, 2007

Feet on the dash, AP lights blinking, telling me everything is ok so I get up and do a stretch just to loosen up a bit. Looking out the window, it’s an amazing sight. The clear blue water highlighted against the rose-pink sky.

I’ve been flying for just over two hours so The Mountains should be coming up soon. I check once more that the AP is still ok and head in to the back of my craft to get some rations. Water and chocolate. Practically a feast compared to what I’ve heard about what you get when on Edge Patrol.

A guy I used to fly with got sent here for showing up to a shift drunk. Good pilot, not a great pilot. He said The Tengs fly out past The Edge sometimes. They’re the ones that shoot at you.

“It’s cold and the food stinks, com”, he said. But he found fault with lots of things. I reckon I’m better off not making a judgement till I atleast get there. Who knows, Edge women might turn out to be hot.

Getting back in to my seat, I can see The Mountains dead ahead. Dark clouds over them.




  • from sceipteach:

    liking how this is developing!

  • from THX 0477:

    Very old school sci-fi feel to it for some reason. Likable.