Last Shift, Part 2.

by DeathComesRipping
originally published at 10:48PM on Saturday, September 08, 2007

She wished she had remembered to bring her MP3 player, or something. She heard the tinkling of the bell on the door, and looked up. Someone actually came into the store? She recognized the short, thin, Asian girl immediately. It was her best friend, Kathy.
“Hey, Kathy,? she said in a monotonous tone.
“Gee, so glad to see you too,? Kathy replied in a mock of Sarah’s comment. Sarah laughed drily. “Anyways, just came by to visit. If you cut early, we might be able to catch most of our soap. Anyways, what can I get for free in here?? Sarah raised an eyebrow playfully and pointed to the water bubbler. Kathy looked at it and laughed. “Thanks, but I’ll pass.?
“Sorry, Kathy. No-can-do. Can’t close before 9:30, and then I have to clean up and lock up, et cetera. Tape it for me, `kay?? Kathy looked disappointed, but said that she would.
“Hey, can you believe how many people showed up for the funeral?? Kathy asked.




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