you can't see me

by Black Ink
originally published at 08:45PM on Monday, September 10, 2007

i’m not dure when exactly the seasons changed or when the rain started falling. but somewhere between you and me and me a line was drawn and now you don’t seem to see me at all. but the fact that you even acknowledge me now is a miracle, i guess she blinds you. i’m sorry that i didn’t wait where you wanted me to, i wanted to see the world. but i still wait for the day you can lay down your sword and we can stop fighting, the say you can look me in the eye and not see what he said and she said but see what i want and you need. but that day passed and we fought right through so i have to deal with being invisible to you.




  • from One Time, One Chance:

    dure shuld b sure, in the beginning
    but i love how half of this rhymes and the other doesn’t =]
    it’s a very unique way of writing