Background Information Part II

by cybr-privt33r
originally published at 08:34PM on Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Races. There are multiple different races in the X Universe; they are:

Teladi: Greedy aliens focused on trade and money making. Neutral to all other races so as not to hurt their profitsss. Spaceweed trade is not illegal in their sectors. The Teladi ships are heavily armored, with expanded cargo bays. They are most often made from a mix of other race technologies. Pirates are common in their sector as Teladi police do not heavily enforce against pirates

Split: Warlike race that does not consider slave trading illegal. This race is split up into multipe different families. There ships are extremely fast but lightly shielded

Argon: Descendents of the “Terrans”. A human race that has well balanced ships. Hostile with the Split

Boron: Allies of the Argon Federation, this fish type race is commonly referred to as the “Boron Boron” for their peaceful nature. Well balanced ships

Paranid: Highly religious, and think they are above all the other races. Ships are fairly balanced