i dont have a title but i think this is pretty damn good

by Love Or Not To Be Loved
originally published at 07:15PM on Saturday, September 15, 2007

Why do you do this to me
I get it
You dont like me …..you have no feelings for me
So why are you on top of me
You know I could never say no
But I was all ways afraid to say yes
Afraid of what you may ask
Afraid of what I may do if you continue
Countinue to touch me like you do
You know I still have feelings for you
Its hard enough to let go but you keep pulling me back
Pulling me back into you world
Holdind me as if I was you gurl
Dont you its hard enough for me as it is
Damn it yes I want you
But you cant keep doings this to me
Please I beg…...........STOP




  • from Kiarra:

    I really like this poem

  • from One Time, One Chance:

    mm, i like it – keeps you guessing what the poem could be about =]