by DreamGhost
originally published at 08:34PM on Monday, September 17, 2007

“Tounge get off of me! I am tired of you licking me like that! You have gone to far!”

“Shhhs! Lips, Look Johnny is coming over. Ohh la la. Make me feel like dancing.”

“OMG! When did he get even more georgeus? Wheres my lipgloss? Quick, hands, hurry up!”

“I’m Hurrying! Gosh chill out!”

“Omg! His lips and I should go out somtime I mean real…!”

“Wow. Look at them go. Tounge? Lips? Oh, you guys are a little busy… my bad.”

15 minutes later…

“Doo doo do doo doo… when am I gonna be of any use. His hands are hard at work. HELLOOOO ?!?!?! Hey feet, do us a favor and lets get out of here.”




  • from Alexa ♥:

    The opening line cracked me up, but after that, it became hard to tell what was speaking and what was happening. I’d like to read a re-write, if you write one.