The Wild

by ConstantsorroW
originally published at 08:03AM on Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jenna hid.
She hid alot. This time it was humans. She knew what they were, she’d seen them before. One of the males she used to mate with, was even killed and taken by one once.

Quivering under the bush, her whole body was coiled, ready to leap out into the open and sprint for her life. Something rustling through the leaves at the top of the bush was enough to set her off. Long swift bounds sent her flying along the ground at breakneck speed. She was so scared.
Maybe that’s why she didn’t see the one with the net.
Suddenly she was surrounded by white and none of her wriggling helped, it only seemed to constrict her more. Big gloved hands untangled her while she was still struggling. Another set of gloved hands took her from the first and she was stuffed into a dark box.

What was going to happen? She hopped, pushing the lid frantically.

She gave up, exhausted, and fell asleep.