It's Just Teddy, SO Whats Bothering Me?!

by Emilyscool
originally published at 11:15AM on Thursday, September 20, 2007

I’m on Ty’s team.
What a shock!
We decide its best that i bat 4th and pitch.
Our team is feilding first. I step up to the plate reluctantly. i hate picthing! Mitch is behind the plate. he gives me the curveball signal. Everyone knows my curveball is impossible to hit. Teddy’s up at bat. I’m still a little mad at him for kissing me. We’re just friends and thats all we’ll ever be. I wind up and get ready to throw.
“Get him out Dollface,” Ty’s so cute with all those nicknames.

We played a good game. We won. Teddy didnt say one word to me. But i really dont care. He’s just mad because i got him out evrytime he went up to bat.. Right? RIGHT ?
Gosh, i miss tlaking to him. He’s so funny!
“Hey babe,” Ty’s voice come from behind me, “I’ll walk you home, you ready?”
I lean over and give him a short peck on the lips.
“i need to talk to Teddy, somethings wrong with him,” I can see the happiness drain from his face. “Babe, I’m just worried about him, he’s never like this. I’ll come over later. I love you!”