Just tell me what happened.

by Emilyscool
originally published at 08:56AM on Friday, September 21, 2007 mature

“TELL ME!” why cant anyone just give me answers?
“babe, listen” he says practically screaming. i shut up immediately.
“last night Billy gave u Vodka, right?”
“well the vodka wasn’t really just vodka.” shit. this can’t be good.
“well what the hell was it??”
“a mix of just about every alcohol he could find. babe. u passed out after one shot.” I’m soo pathetic. “we took you to the hospital and they said nothing was wrong, just that…” he pasued.
“Just that.. WHAT !?”
“babe, somebody took advantage of you passed out last night. someone raped you.”

this could not be happening. im only 16. No. No. NO!

“Well,” i started
“babe im sorry its all my fault.”
“How is it your fault? did u tell the guy to rape me?”
No answer. OH GOD !