Gotta tell Ty!

by Emilyscool
originally published at 01:58PM on Saturday, September 22, 2007

I walked over to Ty’s house as i promised. We watched some TV and played with his dog, Daisy. I tried my best to forget about what Teddy had said, but i kept getting to me. I know i should talk to Ty about it, but I like him so much, i don’t want to ruin anything.
“Lindz, you okay?” he asked. I must have zoned out or something.
“Yeah,” Oh, gosh i was going to tell him, theres no stopping me! “It’s just something happened with Teddy, and it confused me”
“What happened?”
I started to rub Daisy’s stomach. She’s a very cute dog.
“Lindz, please tell me?” he pressed.
“he kissed me,” I could barely even hear myself, i was talking so quiet.
“What? Babe, i can’t hear you…”
“HE KISSED ME !” Crap, I didnt mean to yell!
silence for a few minutes.

“Did you kiss him back?”