Of Names and Love

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View Careful now! on Flickr by Joris Cornielje

by Jayme Meiram
originally published at 07:49PM on Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Michelin-man, giant smurf, marsmallow, transformer… some of the many names that come with being a field hockey goalie. Terms of endearment… terms of affection from your teammates as you kid around on the field, maybe even in a corner or some estranged drill your coach runs you through on this hot day. It’s not a special or unusual thing really, it happens between you all… you all have names you call each other when the tension rises on the musky field. It keeps you close, it keeps things intimate. Yeah, these names can only be special if a teammate says them… it’s an inside joke only those who battle out the war on that fabled field are privledged to experience, and it is love.