Holo Kitty

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by Robotech_Master
originally published at 01:25AM on Friday, March 23, 2007

Are you feeling bored and listless? Does your old catnip mousie just not do it for you anymore? Is your pet human threatening to clip your claws if you mess up his furniture any further? Have I got a deal for you!

Welcome to the multiscenario holographic feline playspace simulator room—or as we like to call it, “Holo Kitty!” You may think it is nothing but white space—but that is simply its default state. All you need to do is load a program, and you have access to a wide variety of indoor or outdoor environments. Holo Kitty will ensure that you are never bored again! You will have endless vistas to romp through, without that annoying worry of contracting rabies or feline leukemia! The world is your scratching post! Anything from a catnip mousie to a catnip sperm whale can be had at the touch of a button.

All Holo Kitties come standard with me, Monochromaticat or MCC , your interactive guide. Void where prohibited, batteries not included.

Ask your dealer about our optional catnip-concentrate scent module!




  • from Holy Knight:

    What a great idea. That was an enjoyable read I must say.