Me and Him – Are We More Than Friends?

by Ms Pixy Stik
originally published at 03:27PM on Thursday, November 01, 2007

August 28th 2006, I left for my first year of college, wondering if the relationship between me and him was more than just friends. The past three months we texted and had phone conversations, he even visited me at work. I had feelings for him that were beyond the average crush, I was falling for him….HARD. I could tell those feelings were real. I thought of him constantly. I thought of him while I was at work, it gave me something to smile about and pass by the time. I thought of him while I was out with friends, wondering what it would be like if he was here chillin with me. I thought of him in my dreams, I wanted to make that dream a reality, but he wasn’t ready. “You’re too far away,? “I want my girlfriend to be close to me,? is what he told me. My heart sunk. I wanted to be his girl, but I had to wait until he came to his senses…….