Don't Ignore Me or I'll Make You Listen

by i live NYLSC
originally published at 03:09PM on Sunday, November 18, 2007

An average kid in an average school in a normal town. Sounds boring to me, but what if that kid was not so ordinary? I’m not talking about super powers or anything like that, no; little Norby Mathews had the ability to make people listen. He was a shy boy quietly writing his thoughts and opinions in a way uncaptured by even the best of authors. He lived this way for years, a quiet boy, until the people in his home town of central Kentucky were falling mysteriously ill. The symptoms were unlike any cold, flu, or even more serious things like cancer. The local doctors could do nothing for it except catch it themselves. The citizens were afraid it would cause an epidemic and people started to move away, others who were to poor to move sent letters to universities and labs with no reply. And for Norby things went from bad to worse when his mother fell to the grave sickness. Even though all the other letters have failed he decided to try, and he ended each and every letter with the phrase “I will not be ignored”.




  • from Kermitgorf:

    whoa, intense there,, what’s next?

  • from One Time, One Chance:

    “I will not be ignored.”
    ^ i agree w/ Kermit – verrry intense =o