How Do I Feel Today?

by Leave Me A Note
originally published at 08:32PM on Sunday, December 02, 2007

I feel angry.I feel sad.I feel no love.I feel invisible.I long to go home.I long for my dreams to come true.I long for any support.
I step into the hallway,the color reflects the light from the windows.It’s a beautiful day,no clouds in the sky.But yet I feel the same.
I want to die,but I musn’t leave.It’s too hard.I have the rest of my life to live.Why waste it?
But yet,I think of what they did to me,of what they said.I think of how nobody respects me.How I’m alone.I know people who say they will be there,but I cannot tell nor explain this feeling.I cannot believe this is happening to me.
I think of this all the time.Death.
It scares me.I try to think of something more happier,but death is a subject;a matter no one can ignore.
It starts to get darker as I look out the window.I see him and his friends.How perfect his life must be, I think.I despise how happy he is and long for the happiness he has,but yet I long for him,too.He messed up my life,but I long to talk to him.Listen to my words.Help me.