Titles Makes You Touchable

by Kevin Lawver
originally published at 05:09PM on Thursday, April 19, 2007

I always hated it when they called us The Untouchables. It wasn’t fair to us or our families. We were guys doing a dangerous job, and putting that label on it only may Al and his boys come after us harder. We lost good men because someone gave us a “title”.

Before we had a name, we didn’t exist. We were vespers, able to operate without anyone knowing much about us. Without the name, we truly were untouchable. With it, we were targets and very touchable.




  • from SJHundak/S.J.Willing:

    Heh maybe it would have worked better if we’d called them the Unlikables, then Al and Co. would have gone out to make friends with them :)


  • from Susan Holder is terrific:

    I like the thought you state and find it quite interesting that any name, despite it’s ‘non-quantifiable’ nature, is a challenge and a name which allows a trace. I had never contemplated that before.