by Valley Fey/Pinprick
originally published at 02:18PM on Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Syris strained to hear, angry that Al wasn’t bothering to sign anything to her. Mael was a few yards past her, to the left, in another elm, and Veren had gotten the farthest away, many yards off in a gorgeous oak. Syris silently drew her bow, plucked an arrow from her padded quiver, prepared herself to shoot. Her arrow knocked, she looked back to Al. A single soldier moved below her, muttering to himself. She listened closer.

“Those children got away so fast, woulda thought they knew their way fru the woods, I would. Runnin away so quick as they did. Never gonna find em, nope. Them princesses even, ran fast as the boy, they did.” Another soldier called him to return to a nearby clearing. “Too bad the Elves don’t know we’ve got em, elsewise they’da been picked up by now.” He murmured as he walked off.

She turned, caught Mael’s attention, signed the information to him. He nodded, letting two of his throwing daggers slide into his hands. This force would not be missed, and they needed to discuss the children.