by Mask By The Moon
originally published at 11:59AM on Sunday, May 27, 2007

Soon after my so-called-mother finished telling me, I walked into the room I shared with my sister. She was one month younger than me. Michelle was so much like me, it was comforting. I had a feeling that if I was adopted, she came from the same family. She was sitting back, reading a book. “What’s up, Michelle? What’s the new litrature?” She looked up at me. “The usual. You know, approved books.” She was a goody two-shoes. I gave a half-smile and plopped onto my bed. I leaned back and sighed. “Whassamatter?” Michelle asked. “Nothing, just bored,” I replied. She nodded. I hated the fact that it was always bright outside. How’s a girl supposed to sleep? I walked over and shut the curtains, getting ready to put on my four blindfolds. I needed that many to get it dark enough. A few minutes later I put them on and fell asleep, dropping into the only time I was happy.




  • from FlirtingWithaBrickWall:

    yay for depressing, lol. (j/k) i may or may not sequel this, b/c im not sure id be able to, but wish me luck anyways