Rumors part 3

by ficletsforeverx3
originally published at 09:36PM on Sunday, June 29, 2008

“Whats the rush?” She asked. “Hey Jen.” Nick said. “Hey”. “OMG. Nick were not here for you to flirt with girls lets here them then we’ll flirt with them.” Kevin said.
Jen goes right to her guitar, Maggie plays a scale then stops, and Catherine plays the drums. “This songs called Get a life” Maggie said cutely. plays Nicks eyes glew in amazment, “Your it”. “yeah” they all said. Maggie, Jen and Catherine we so excited. “Guys our agent said you can go on tour with us. We will teach you the songs it will rock.




  • from PantherStar10:

    OMG mickeyyyyy u me and kt r going on tour with the jonas bros!!! YAY