bloody tears

by LiSteN2MeE11
originally published at 04:59PM on Friday, June 01, 2007

He cut his hand on the sharp edge of the glass that was shattered from the gun shot. The death of his wife and children dawned on him like a bad dream. Was it all a dream? His heart broken he screamed and yelled. Crying those dreaded bloody tears. His hand continued to bleed as he feared all around him. He called the police and then in a instant they answered and told him to wake up. Soon after he hung up he found himself laying next to his living and breathing wife. He looked at his hand and it was all drenched in blood.




  • from Natalie Mae:

    Wow – amazing. My turn to add on

  • from horrorfan13:

    Wow. This is good. And it leaves things open for sequels. Good one!

  • from LiSteN2MeE11:

    thnx- please add!