The overly nervous bride

by LiSteN2MeE11
originally published at 02:09PM on Tuesday, June 19, 2007

She waited- waited for what seemed like forever- and he never showed. She paced around back and forth to pass the time, then checked out the window and saw everyone but him. She couldn’t wait much longer as she started to cry. She wanted the perfect picture wedding, it may be a perfect picture but her perfection hides behind lies. She sat down as her mother came into the room and asked why she had tears. And she responded her soon to be husband wasn’t around. And then the mother went and sat next to her and said “Yes, he is, You just can’t see him” The bride looked at her like she was crazy “Why?” “Because it’s bad luck to see the groom b4 they wedd, I thought we told you that- I thought you knew that” She said “He’s inside!”




  • from LiSteN2MeE11:

    its nothing like any of my other ones- this one is kinda bad! lol- hope u like it anyways