Praying on unforgiving streets

by Sailor Emo
originally published at 11:46AM on Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I see the blood on the ground
And there is no sound
I see the tears in your eyes
tryin not to cry
I see you fall to the Earth
and for all I’m worth
I fall to my knees saying,”Oh God please,
don’t let me die on these unforgiving streets,
Please let me live,
Oh God, please don’t let me get hit.”
I get up and run away,
but not before I say
“Please,God,please let me see him again one day.”




  • from horrorfan13:

    Interesting. You definitely need a sequel. Good job!

  • from //miss mia//:

    i enjoyed that very very much. i really liked it!!!!!! i love reading your stories! can’t wait for you to write more!!!!! and im happy that u too are a young writer—- good luck in the future!!!!!

  • from //miss mia//:

    sry i 4got the rating. lol