welcome to the world of spectacle

by invited into the world of spectacle
originally published at 12:00AM on Wednesday, July 25, 2007

He could always get lost within the jungle gyms. Daniel wanted to be an acrobat when he got older. It was the closest thing to a bird as he could get, which was what he had wanted to be only 5 months before. That was until the circus.

He had never seen such color, or dazzling wonderment in one place. It reminded him of his kaleidoscope . Clowns flooded the tents with their schemes, while circus lions jumped through hoops of fire. All of this came second though to the acrobat. The way he swung and flipped enthralled Daniel. His movements blended together, making him like the swirl painting Daniel had drawn for his mother that now was displayed on the fridge. In that moment Daniel knew what he was meant for.

“Hey Danny what ya doin’?” Hector asked, his head leaned over so as to look at the upside down Daniel on the monkey bars.
“Nothing. Hey, did Francis finish the budget report for the meeting tomorrow?.”
“Yeah i believe so. Now will you get off the playground, we’re supposed to be at the office.”