Ready or not Here I Come...Part4

by Gege
originally published at 07:24PM on Tuesday, July 31, 2007

After the meeting was let out and all the other units had been assigned their agents and lead agents, McNeal jokingly offered up his congratulations. “So, Detective Agent Tillman, how’s I feel to be on top of the snake pit??
Laughingly Tillman responded. “Well…no comment.? They both laughed a little more.
“So this is kind of big news for you huh, Tillman??
“That’s an understatement.? In a way, this was a promotion, and it felt good. It was also about time. He needed to tell Lilya face to face. As he was calling to make sure he knew where to find her, he was stopped in his tracks. Lilya had called 5 times. 5! Something was wrong. Lilya was very predictable, she had…habits. If Lilya called you more than twice, something big was happening.




  • from rockstarjoker:

    ooh! can’t wait to find out what’s happening!