My First (and Probably Only) Challenge

by Amaster
originally published at 02:16PM on Friday, September 07, 2007

You know the phrase “Everybody’s doing it!” Almost everybody has used it to get their parents to agree to something. Well, I can use that phrase to explain why I’m doing my challenge.
The details for my challenge are that it has to be a ficlet sequeled to this one that is focused around a color. The color you use is entirely your choice, but the story has to make some sort of sense.
So warm up those fingers and get ready to type, and if you need a reason, I have a good one:




  • from llamaluvsmenotu:

    wow this challenge is almost as crappy as mine

  • from Mask By The Moon:

    ok, i’ll bite… it’ll make you feel better, right?

  • from someday_93:

    hmm…maybe I’ll try too…

  • from Amaster:

    There is no time limit.

  • from someday_93:


  • from insomniac:

    no time limit?

  • from insomniac:

    I’M IN!

  • from Alexa ♥:

    wow this challenge is almost as crappy as mine
    I disagree with Llama. I think this is a great challenge.

  • from llamaluvsmenotu:

    Alexa, HE CHANGED IT !! the challenge was different when he said that. HE EDITED IT !! i think the CURRENT challenge is ok.

  • from Amaster:

    I have not changed this ficlet since I first posted it.

  • from Lone Writer:

    Hmm. A little ficlet comment drama, eh? Anyway I am having a horrible case of writer’s block that has left me completely incapacitated. I am regrettably unable to participate in this challenge.

  • from Sailor Emo:

    everything that I keep thinking of for this is stupid!!!!(and goopy)love the idea though