Finally Awake

by Six Feet Under The Stars
originally published at 04:39PM on Thursday, June 05, 2008

After her realization, it became even easier to talk to Chris. She still couldn’t tell him what had happened…it was too painful and she was worried he’d think less of her if she did…but they talked a lot about the things they were into. They seemed to share a lot of things-other than the shitty family, they both loved movies(thus his attendance at NYU -he was planning to be a director), and they were both into the same obscure rock.Eventually, though, it got late, and they both fell slowly asleep as the bus sped along to reality. *
She suddenly felt someone gently tapping her on her knee.
“Rachel…look, wake up. You’ve gotta see this…come on, wake up. We’re almost there.”

She opened her eyes, embarassed to find that her head had naturally fallen onto his shoulder in the night. She blushed for a moment, then, finally seeing what he had been talking about, any thought stopped.

There it was. The famous New York skyline. And suddenly, she felt more awake then she had ever been before.


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